Halloween Fun

Can you believe it is Fall already? Where did summer go? You know the old saying about “the older you get, the faster time goes by”? Well, mark my words, it does!!!

It is time to start thinking about our Halloween Bash! I love to rename foods and make weird foods on Halloween! The grand kids love it! Caleb, our oldest grandson is 11 years old so I only have a little time before he becomes 18 and goes away to college. Although, Caleb will still love coming when he is older because we all have such fun together.

Last years costumes:


Caleb was a homeless guy, Kealee and Joy were peacocks and Cohen was Iron man. I was a gypsy.

I am putting together the menu for the Halloween Bash this year and these are the choices:

Mummy Fingers (hot dogs wrapped in pizza dough)

Spider Pizza (make spiders out of black olives and put on pizza)

Worms (make from straws)

Bile Stew (curry chicken)

Maggots (rice)

We will have a few other things too but I have not decided it all yet. The Bile Stew is for the adults but the kids will eat it too.

I will make a menu for the kids and they can have some or all of the yucky sounding foods.

Mummy Fingers:


Last year we had ‘Stomach Juices” which was really Pumpkin Thai Soup. The meatballs were cooked cow eyes.


You to can do these fun things for your family! It is things that they will always remember about being at nana and umpa’s or about Halloween when they were little. We were never big fans of Halloween when our kids were small so I had to be creative about it. We always went to my mother-in-laws house for dinner and it was fun for our kids. I wanted to continue that tradition with my grandchildren but with a little twist. I am sure that Caleb will come over with no costume and I will figure something out for him before we go out that he loves. It is a little crazy but that is what makes it so fun!

Family is only here for a short time and time slips by fast so enjoy every minute of what time we have!

I hope I can inspire you to make memories and have fun with your family. In this crazy, fast paced, chaotic life that we live take the time to enjoy the children!

Recipe for the Pumpkin Thai Soup:

Pumpkin Thai Soup:

1 can Libby’s Pumpkin

1 can coconut milk

1 cup heavy whipping cream (1/2 more if you like a loose soup)

1 ½   teaspoon coriander

1 ½ teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoons curry

½ teaspoon red chili pepper

2 Tablespoons of brown sugar

In sauce pan add all ingredients and mix well.  Cook until hot. Serve hot or cold. If you want it to be more spicy, add more red chili pepper.


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