We’re Getting Crafty for Christmas

Beautiful Wooden Disk Christmas Ornaments

There’s not much that is more satisfying than putting in a few hours of your time to decorate your home for the holidays. The joy it brings you and your family (after the exhaustion fades), the Christmas spirit settles in, and that closet with the mountain of gifts that will take hours to wrap- and you can’t wait to get started!! As we get the boxes down full of ornaments for the tree, we take in all of the macaroni-glued-to-paper ornaments, the ornaments given to us by our friends and family passed, and we revel in all of the lights from the tree brilliantly shining into our living rooms and out the pulled curtains for the world to see. Making your own ornaments is truly a delight. We made some ornaments here at the office that we want to share with you, we hope you enjoy, and will be excited to try on your own.

The hardest part for us came in trying to figure out which word we wanted to use on what color. We had so many wonderful choices and we wanted to just use them all!

We hope that we have helped you get into the Christmas spirit with these ornaments and that you have a wonderful time making your own.


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