Halloween Has Come And Gone

Halloween is over but I have been too busy to post so you are getting Halloween today.

Our night started out with: Stomach Bile (aka…Curry Chicken), Maggots (aka….Rice), Foot Cakes (aka…Naan), Brain Matter (aka….Mango Chutney), Mummy Fingers (aka…hot  dogs wrapped with dough), Spider Pizza, and lots of other goodies. One of my favorites was Nail Clipping…..which was really Macaroons. Some of the names made it hard for me to eat the food. I did not have any Stomach Bile! 

I do all this craziness for my grandchildren because I love them so much and want to make holidays special. Amy told me that the kids were trying to figure out what each name of food meant and if they would eat it or not. It was the talk of their day! This is why I do it! Yay!


I think the Worms were the worst to look at and forget about eating them:


Not too many people tried the Worms but everyone was talking about them. I got this recipe from Pinterest and I must say it was a lot of work for such a small bowl of worms.

Our grandson Cohen came after school and helped me make the Bones….veggies up:


I also found that on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool to use when planning anything.

I came up with the cute little Web’s…aka mustard and ketchup. Just put ketchup in a dish, draw a few circles with mustard and use a tooth pick from the center mustard spot to the outside of the dish.


When our family has parties we always have “adult drinks” and the kids know they cannot have any of the “adult drinks”. Because Halloween is a kid holiday in our house we had “kid drinks” and the adults could not have any or better yet the adults may have not wanted any. “Beetle Juice” with Worms of course! I made a punch and put gummy worms in it. 1 can white grape juice to 2 bottles of ginger ale and gummy worms. The kids loved it!


Our entire family came and my husbands family. Hunter sat at the bottom of our driveway and gave out candy with a fire pit burning, we walked around the neighborhood with most of the family getting candy with the kids. While the rest of the family chatted inside the house with Grandma Dot. It was a very fun evening that I hope the grandchildren will cherish forever!! I just have to work on topping that party next year! No pressure!!



Happy Fall from our group to yours!!!!!!

The next holiday is Thanksgiving and I will be posting some tips for keeping that Turkey moist!!




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