What’s For Dinner?

That dreaded question that we are asked daily, that dreaded grocery store run that we all have to do daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and it can all be overwhelming. I actually enjoy the task but sometimes run out of time and have to order online. Wandering through the store and pick my favorite items as strolling through brings me satisfaction some how. The enjoyment I get from choosing my own produce and amounts of them is weird, I know.

Every week I try and take 20 minutes to look at Pinterest and through recipes to make my menu. I grab a good writing pen and paper and start the hunt for the best seven meals for the week. This is something that I enjoy and I like more when hungry. Next, I make a list of the meals that look good on my sheet and put an initial for the place I found the recipe so I can go back and look at it while writing my list. I print the recipe if I can and keep it in my kitchen for easy access when needed. Some recipes are just in my brain and I need to write them down.

Below is an example of my list. My goal is to make it simple and easy to read while staying on track at the grocery store. I do all fresh first because that is first in the grocery store where I shop. I have only a few categories but you can has as many as you’d like. This works for me. You do what works for you.

I have already made the shrimp pasta and it was very good and tonight I did bunless mushroom and swiss cheese burgers with a aioli sauce. I have my own recipe for these but they tuned out beautiful and full of flavor.

Making a menu and grocery shopping list does take time but it feels so good to have that list while shopping and then to have the menu for the week. There is no questions about what is for dinner every night, you have it planned! And, you have all the items needed to make the food. #nostress

From this blog I hope I have encouraged you to write a simple grocery list to help you get through your weeks without that dreaded question, “what’s for dinner”.

Below is a picture of a simple meat and cheese tray. I do make my own bruschetta but that is not a must. This type of tray works for everyone and I just purchased the cheese and meats. Put this on your menu if you have company coming over…its easy. Add a little fresh basil and it looks professional.

Live, Love and cook!


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