Pumpkin Painting

The fall decorations are done but what do I do with my pumpkins? I don’t want to just set them on the steps and be done with it. So out comes the paint and ribbon and the creative juices start to flow but I can’t take credit for these because really my daughter, Amanda did them.

We bought our pumpkins and washed them to make sure they are free of dirt. Then go on line and look at fonts that you like. You could use a stencil but Amanda free handed it.


We wrote on one pumpkin with paint and put dots on the other. You could put stripes, dots, etc. I don’t think it looks good to have two pumpkins with words on them if you are placing them next to each other. Too much to read so close together.


We just used acrylic paint from Michael’s Craft Store and I had some brushes. I really like the dots! Make sure to get the paint dry before going to the ribbon by using a hair dryer on low heat or waiting a while. The hair dryer is what we used. 


Then you will need 2 rolls of  2 inch ribbon (for 2 pumpkins) with wire in them. Cut the ribbon in about 12 inch pieces. Heat up your glue gun and glue the cut ribbon as close to the stem as you can. After the glue dries completely curl the ribbon by wrapping it around your finger and then pull it a little.



And there you have it!!!! You won’t have a molded cut pumpkin before Halloween and they can also cover Thanksgiving decor because they are about FALL!

Items Needed To Complete This Project:

2 pumpkins



2-2 inch ribbon with wire

glue gun


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