More Fall Decorating

While trying to figure out what to do in the kitchen on the breakfast table I decide to use fresh gourds and pumpkins since I did the dining room with artificial pumpkins. Since I already had the burlap from the dining room table I started with that again.


I again started layering. I need height so I put the candle in then I felt that it looked flat and blah and flat!


It needed some height and dimension. I had these small logs that I used last Thanksgiving so I decided to revamp them by using ribbon and burlap.


I then used the logs to add height to my arrangement.


While out shopping I picked up a few cute fall items for this table. My goal with this table was to natural and cute. I knew my grandchildren would play with this arrangement when I wasn’t looking and sure enough Cohen was playing with the pumpkins when he came to visit the other day. I do teach the kids not to mess with certain things but this table after all was in the breakfast room where they eat most every time they are here and that is why I made it simple.


I also added the smaller 4 inch burlap  through the gourd and pumpkins. My last final touch was the raffia.


The indian corn adds some color and another layer of texture….



So goodbye to blah! I think it turned out well other than the fact that the candle looks crooked in this picture which I fixed.

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