Happy Fall Y’all!!!!

The weather outside is cooler and it is getting to be that time of year when a bond fire is a blast! Having hot chocolate and s’mores by the fire are just what is on tap for this weekend! I have to admit that Summer is my favorite season but fall is my second favorite. With the cooler temps outside I wanted to decorate inside today. I went to Michael’s Craft store and bought a few thing and off I go.

The dining rooms was were I started:


I bought a few dried leave sections, some burlap, shinny pumpkins (because it is a little fancier that the kitchen table) and I already had somethings here. I just started layering things on the table starting with burlap that is about 18 inches wide.


Then the artificial leaves I bought. I don’t glue anything together or take off tags until I know I am going to keep it that way.


I think you do need something tall in the arrangement so everything is not flat. Just keep layering.


I like birds and I already had a few of them so I added birds and ribbon:


Just keep layering. If you think of it as layering, it seems to work.


The end result is beautiful!!!!


More to come tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “Happy Fall Y’all!!!!

  1. You are good. Do you want to come to my house?
    Actually your description is good enough that I could even do it. Maybe not as well as you but it would still look good.

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