Birthday’s and Football

So all you football fans know that this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and with that comes lots of fun foods. I know there is a game involved and I do like a little football but the food is my favorite to make.

It is also our sons birthday and he is an adult so I can make all kinds of fun international food! I think I am going to do a tapas bar of

Lettuce Wraps


Shrimp Taco’s


Daube Provençale (French Beef Stew with Red Wine)


Asian Shrimp and Pasta


I will also try to copy the Taste of Thai’s appetizer that they give everyone that comes in with kale, peanuts, limes, red onions ginger and sauce. This will be FUN! Kellie, Michael’s wife will get to try many different things this weekend.

And then for the Super Bowl or shall we say ….

Bro Bowl

NEW ORLEANS — For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers will face off against each other as head coaches. The Baltimore Ravens’ John Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh set up the milestone coaching matchup with impressive runs through the playoffs, thus providing Super Bowl XLVII with one of the greatest pregame storylines in the championship’s history: brother vs. brother with the Lombardi Trophy at stake.

Sounds interesting so you must have a lot of good food for that!

“Popper” are one of the favorites


Brats that have been soaking in beer:


Sweet Potato Fries with dipping sauce


Spicy Chicken Legs


The list goes on and on……! I better get busy because I have a lot of cooking to do and I have to get the weeks menu with recipes and grocery list ready. If you need any of the recipes mention email me Happy Cooking.


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