Building A House

Building a house can be fun! You think I am crazy, right?

When the Parade of Homes comes around I always get so excited! I love to look at new homes and get ideas for my present home or a new home. For several years I have watched Builders MD in the Greensboro area. He has had several houses in the Parade and we liked him due to his craftsmanship. Of all the houses we looked at, I noticed that David never took the “cheap” way out. His homes have a finished look that no other homes had and his price was reasonable. I knew if I could get Mike to build again, I would use David at Builders MD. It took a few years but we are finally at that place.

We went to an architect and had a plan drawn up. Then we had several well know builders give us a bid on it. The bids were anywhere from $50,000.00 to $200,000.00 different. If I had not seen the homes in the Parade of Homes and how each builder presented him/herself I would not have been as confident in my choice of a builder. If you are thinking of building, go to the Parade, ask questions, look at quality and get ideas!

Trying to figure out where to build is next. Land is scearce in the county and that is where we are headed, We had to ask ourselves if we wanted several acres or if we wanted to live in a neighborhood? We choose a neighborhood.


For us, a neighborhood helps house values and there is saftey in having neighbors. We really wanted to buy a good amount of land and have our family build there also but we would have to move too far out and maybe to another county for that.

The land has now been cleared and we have choose our brick and mortar.

006 033

We chose a colored mortar which did cost quite a bit more than gray mortar. I didn’t realize that mortar can make that big of a difference buy it does! As we drove around looking at brick, mortar and stone, we found this house and loved it! This house is in another county so we decided to use the same colors.

028 030

The footings and foundation have been completed and inspected! Yay! The framing starts tomorrow!

010 023 024 025

We can’t wait to share the rest of the story with you! You will see what a great builder we have and I hope you can take something from our experience that will make your experience better.


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