Our Annual Family Beach Trip

It is that time of year when the beach is full of people soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea. Well, we were fourteen of those people. Our family beach trip started out this year a little on the shaky side. One grandchild with a fever and one with Hand, Foot and Mouth. I was a bit worried that it was not going to happen as planned. I have learned to except things for what they are and PRAY! So that I did. We did all end up at the beach house on the same day. Some a little later than others but we all made it. The Brinkley’s came last and I didn’t get a picture of them arriving. 

016 017

For the first three days it rained….yes rained! We did a lot of our William Mangum puzzle, games, talking and eating. I taught Joy how to play rummy. And let’s not forget our electronic devices.


On the third day of rain some of us decided to head down to the beach anyway.

040 044 058051

And then to the pool. The babies stayed inside due to the amount of work it takes to get the babies there and then if it rained it would not be good!

On Tuesday Mr. Sunshine came out! What a blessing it was to all of us. We went to the beach daily after that. We hauled our big tent, chairs, paddle board and all our children with their toys to the beach. We loaded the ole Suburban and drove it down to be unloaded. We had so much stuff but it was great fun! This was our home on the beach. It provided shade, a place for the babies to nap or a place to play.



Adyson, our youngest granddaughter, put her toes in the sand for the first time. And Elijah loved the water!


Of course the older four enjoyed the water. Caleb paddle boarded a lot! He was stung three times by jellyfish and would go right back into the water. Cohen was trying to surf and they all had a big water fight. Joy was not as fond of the water this year because she found out in school what lives in the water. Kealee is really a pool kind of kid but she is a good sport about it.

144 111 077113



Kealee loved playing with the babies and taking pictures. She was our family photographer.


And, there was a Isle of Palm World Cup on the beach one day. I am not sure who won but Amy and Amanda were very hard on their husbands. I would have given yellow cards. At one point it looks like Mike, Jason and Amanda are dancing in one of the shots.

179 181 185 170188


Elijah loved to walk up and down the beach. He and Mike would walk and worship.

117 118

The guys all used the paddle board. Some tried surfing with it. Jason said it was really scary when that giant paddle board came back on top of you but they did it anyway. And of course, Pops was out there.


This year as every year I try to bring something new to the beach.  I bought beautiful white lanterns that we were all going to release on the beach but….there was a $1040 fine if you set them off. So needless to say we did not set them off.

There was a beach fairy at this house who left a present for each child every night. Adyson got her first purse, Elijah wasn’t really sure what to do and the older kids loved their bubbles. The kids woke up each morning with anticipation of what was left by the beach fairy. She left her gifts on the steps. From youngest to oldest.

132 091







We had our Journal there for everyone to write stories in. I really love to read what the kids write. Their stories make me smile and always amaze me by their thinking process from the experiences. The stories are different with each child.

Our dinner out this year was a little difficult. It is very hard to seat 14 people in one place and the lines were very long. Being outside with a infant in 90 plus degrees is not easy. We had a progressive dinner out this year. Appetizers were at Pearls Oyster Bar where it was very hot. 

212 213


Then off to Hyman’s Seafood for dinner. This was a very cool family owned seafood house in downtown Charleston, SC. Friendliest people I have ever met. They have southern hospitality down!

215 225 223 222

We found a door with Cohen’s name on it which was pretty cool for him. He loved having his picture made by it. After dinner everyone was too full to eat dessert so we headed back to the beach house. 

As we were waiting to be seated at Hyman’s I noticed these feet. I cracked up! Her feet hurt after playing soccer on the beach. Guess who?


A family vacation without a Super G drink tasting would not be a vacation! I bought several cans of drinks that I could not even read the ingredients label. Everyone gets their clear glass cups (so you can see what you are drinking) and I start pouring. There is a bowl in the middle of the table to dump your drink in if you hate it. We could win Funniest Video’s from the faces of this game. You really should try it with your family sometime. 

041 043 053048  055

Over all vacation was a blast and memories were made. One large family traveling and living together in the same house for a week is never perfect but is always fun! Our beach house was great and we could walk to everything! If you haven’t done this before I encourage you to try it. Especially you grandparents with grandchildren. It makes for the best memories ever.

Favorite quotes of the week:

Snake in the grass~ Michael …and there was. The dance Michael did was priceless.

Kealee has sand in her lunchbox~ Amy.  I am still laughing at that one as I type.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for working so hard to provide so we can do these types of things and thank you to my family for coming along for the journey. I love you all!

Random pictures:

025 019 030 037 035 032 012 034 009 057 065 072 085045 096



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