Sandwich Making 101

When I say we are having sandwiches for lunch some may think of turkey & cheese, peanut butter and jelly or one of the everyday sandwich combo’s. But at our house when I say we are having sandwiches everything in the refridge comes out. I like to see what type of tower I can make with the most popping flavors. 

I start with 2 pieces of good bread, some sandwich meat and good cheese (Feta cheese is very good on a sandwich too but a little messy). Then the fun begins! I love fresh! So get the lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, cukes, avocado and anything else you have out and start slicing.


On this sandwich I also added Prosciutto. Sometimes I use bacon and we all know that everything taste better with bacon!

It doesn’t take very much mayo and mustard. Just enough to cover the bread lightly and I always offer an Italian style dressing to go over the sandwich right before serving.


Adding all these flavors together really make you want to eat a sandwich for lunch. In the summer I pick my own tomatoes and lettuce .Fresh basil leaves are awesome too. You would not believe the flavor basil gives to a sandwich! So load up that sandwich at lunch time! Make it interesting and big! With summer knocking at our door steps there are tons of veggies you can purchase fresh at the local farmers market, grocery stores and Super G. You could get  all your veggies in one sandwich for the entire day.


So try this combonation:

2 slices of good bread

sandwich meat

bacon (optional)

good cheese


tomato – sliced thin

red onion – sliced thin

cucumber – sliced thin

avacado – sliced thin

Add whatever condiments you like! Let’s make sandwich making tasty!!! These sandwiches went to our office and were enjoyed by our staff and they loved it! Something so simple but so good!


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