This Is A Test…..

This is not really a test. I was just wondering if the recipes and grocery list were something that helped you with getting dinner on the table? I did four weeks worth and I wanted to see if it made a difference. It is something that I enjoy doing so it is fun to “make up” or find the recipes to make myself before I post it. My husband Mike has been the guinea pig but he has also benefited from this adventure.

Also, if it did help, would you like the grocery list per recipe or all together like I have posted it the past four weeks?

Let me know what you think by email or just posting on my blog. My email is:

And now to get ready for the birthday party tonight. I made all the burgers yesterday and they are in my outside re-fridge which I have to bring inside to my re-fridge. My outside re-fridge is the screen porch and today’s temps are going to be above 38*. My outside re-fridge stops working at that point. I will have issues trying to fit it all.

Let the party prep begin and please send me your thoughts.



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