Dinner time

Dinner time

Wednesday nights are the night that my 90 year old mother-in-law comes for dinner. It is always a challenge to me to make the best, most flavor-able food for her because she is the one that started my love for cooking.

Since she comes every week I also try to have something different. Last night I was piddling around with some sweet potatoes. How can I make this have some pzazz? So I put some fresh rosemary stems,olive oil and butter a saute pan and heated it up for a few minutes, reduced the heat and left it. I then wash and dried the sweet potatoes. I took a sharp knife and sliced the potatoes, added salt and pepper to them and placed 1 layer of them in the pan. Flipped them to cook the other side and Yum! They were so good. The name I am giving them is, “Rosemary Infused Sauteed Sweet Potatoes”. I felt like the infused oil/butter really brought the sweet potato up a few notches. It was so tasty!

I did remove the rosemary stems before serving. There were a few pieces of rosemary in the sweet potatoes but it just made it look better. You could garnish your plate with fresh rosemary.


Feeling a little crafty…..

Feeling a little crafty.....

I not only love to cook, I love to be crafty too. I have two young friends who have both just had babies and I wanted to make something for their new little ones. I don’t like kitschy crafts. Crafts have to have some type of class and style for me to use them in my home. So I don’t give kitschy crafts either. I did not come up with this idea on my own.

Burp clothes are not usually a pretty thing, but new moms have to carry them around on their shoulder all the time to catch that smelly little spit up that most all babies do. So I went to target and bought diapers, went to Michael’s and bought ribbon. And what do you know…a cute burp cloth with style and class! What do you think?