Healthier Football Food!

As I was thinking about football season last week I wanted to make something that was “football friendly” food but a little healthier. “Football friendly” food to me is something that you can eat with your hands, must have some sorta dip and must be spicy. I also wanted to come up with something that… Continue reading Healthier Football Food!

Menu’s and Grocery List

It has been a very busy few weeks around here. If you think when your children grow up that you will have more time….WRONG! The grandchildren come along and you get to do it all over again. This time with lots more grace and patience’s. Life is full of adventures! Now on to the menu… Continue reading Menu’s and Grocery List

Dinner Recipes With Grocery List

I can’t believe it is already mid February! But then again I spring can’t get here soon enough with its warmer temps. It has been really cold here in NC. I can’t wait to go outside and grill without freezing my tush off, eating dinner on the porch and going for long walks in the… Continue reading Dinner Recipes With Grocery List