Strawberry picking……not today!

Today our office staff was going strawberry picking. This was our second try at hitting the fields for some wonderful, sweet, red strawberries but the wet fields kept us out again. So we had to come up with a plan and fast for some office team building fun.  We put on our party thinking caps… Continue reading Strawberry picking……not today!

It’s That Time Of Year Again…..And No It’s Not Christmas

It is strawberry season!!!! This means a lot of picking and eating. Cohen and I have been twice already and plan to go again. I have been in vacation mod since I had a week on the beach…. With water that is that clear and warm sunny breezes it is hard to return from paradise… Continue reading It’s That Time Of Year Again…..And No It’s Not Christmas

Burger Sliders Anyone?

This past weekend was a busy one at our house! We had a birthday party on Saturday night, Mother’s Day on Sunday afternoon and an engagement party Sunday night! Whew…It was a whirlwind!  It was our daughter’s 29th birthday so I decided to have a slider burger bar for our party which meant lots of… Continue reading Burger Sliders Anyone?

What’s For Dinner?

With the temps a little warmer it is time to get those grills started up again. I really use mine year round. Anyway, I am giving you a great recipe for burgers. They are the best! So go ahead and have that cookout this weekend! Mediterranean Burgers!!!! Some people I know call them Christmas Burgers… Continue reading What’s For Dinner?

Brazilian Candy!

When our kids were in high school we usually had an exchange student live with us to help our teenagers learn to serve someone else. Teenagers can be VERY selfish and Mike and I thought this would help them die to their selfishness. Also it would help someone from another country get to experience the… Continue reading Brazilian Candy!