Annual Vacation

Vacation 2018

The anticipation of our vacation is fun with a whole lot of texting chatter and funny GIF’s, count downs, threats of who will throw up from the drink tastings, who will win the Amazing Race #savengerhunt, get wiped out by waves, etc. but the week together is amazing! We laugh until we cry, some of us cry, the food, the drinks, the fun just never stops.

This year we went to Emerald Isle and stayed in a great beach house with everyone’s request met. We had a pool, an elevator (which really helps with 4 floors), and a golf cart. The pool is great in the afternoons when the kids come back from the beach or for nap time. The moms can sit outside and watch the babies with their monitors while the babies sleep. The golf cart is awesome for carrying all the beach chairs, toys, tents and little people to the beach and then that elevator really helps when you have to carry everything to the third floor kitchen. And I must say, I do bring A LOT of food, bowls, knives, drinks and pans! My husband is a trooper for never complaining about how much stuff I bring or how much I spend. He should get an award for all he does.

Our house is not ocean front but we can see the ocean from the house which I love.

File Jun 18, 11 38 04 AM.jpeg

The first day that we arrived we had a lot to carry in and I had to make dinner that night but everyone was out at the pool and I wanted to be out their too. Since I had prepared a lot at home it freed me up to go to the pool. It was so much fun playing with all the kids in the water. I am a big kid at heart too and I do flips and jump in the water with the kids. We play “simon says”, we act like we have been kidnapped by pirates, we jump into jello, etc…what ever they come up with. And of course, Umpa had to bring out the water guns!


The “beach fairy” continues to hit us up every night with a gift for all the children nightly. There were cool iPhone accessories to sand toys and sun glasses. The kids loved it! Especially the little ones.



This year we added a scavenger hunt to the party. I bought whistles for the little ones and let them hand out the clues. Then we followed everyone around on our golf cart so the little ones could blow their whistles at their cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a blast! And loud.

Their were 5 clues, 2 tasks, and 4 selfies with things or people required for the scavenger hunt. And superman appeared… but didn’t win! Joy and her daddy won!




Our candy tasting is always a hit with the kids. The moms and dads could probably live without it but that’s not going to happen because I am all about making memories. I buy the candy at Super G which is our local International Market. Some of the candy tastes great and other things you will never want to put in your mouth again!



We played games, made slime, played on the porch, stayed on the beach, went and saw turtles, Took long golf cart rides and just enjoyed each others company. Make memories is one of my favorite things to do! I love family and I love children!


These little ones were a lot to keep up with and they wanted to help cook, play and have fun. They made plans, snuck tomatoes, cut food with a “real” knives, pretend paddle boarded and fashion modeled. #somuchfun!


This we did a cousins picture. Caleb (age 15) was a good sport and went with it too. I had someone make all of them a shirts with “cousin tribe” on the front and their birth order on the sleeve.


Paddle boarding is what Caleb really like to do and he would take a little one too. They are talking about kite surfing next year….we will see.


Last but not least we did family pictures. I wish we would have taken a “whole” family picture. The pictures we did take turned out well. It is hard to get so many people ready and in one place but it is so worth it when you have the pictures for a memory.

My goal in life is to make a difference, even in my own family. As parents and grandparents we can make good memories and help fun to happen for our families. It does take work and planning but the rewards and the ripples of your kindness and generosity will forever be remembered in these little ones. Maybe not your name but your actions and love will trinkle down through generations.  That is making a difference!


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