Food Prep-Easy Breakfast

Life is so busy these days with our jobs, our kids and their sports, our grandkids, our church, our small groups and our extended family that I don’t take the time to eat sometimes. You would never know it from looking at me but it is true. I have been doing breakfast lunch and some dinner boxes for a family member for about 3 months now and still not making breakfast for myself. Then I get really hungry and will eat whatever which is not a good thing.

I decided to make up a few breakfast boxes for myself. I do love having the food ready and at my finger tip. No thinking, no eating a half bag of veggie chips, just good food.

The recipe is VERY easy. I made enough for 3-4 days for my husband and I. If you have eggs and bacon in your fridge…you can do this too! I did add asparagus to mine because I like veggies.

Here is the recipe:

12 eggs

12 pieces of bacon

a few stems of asparagus

Spray your muffin pan and line each one with a piece of bacon. I cut a piece of my bacon off to make a bottom for my egg.

Now add your asparagus, spinach, artichoke, whatever veggie you would like, or no veggie at all.

File Oct 16, 10 14 04 AM

After filling all 12 muffins, put in the ove at 350* for 20-25 minutes. Depending on how done you like your egg. Take them out of the oven and you are done! Let the eggs cool for a few minutes and they will slide right out of the muffin pan.

File Oct 16, 10 14 33 AM

I like to eat a half of an avocado with mine. Yes, it is that simple. Breakfast is ready for the week! If you are pressed for time, just heat your breakfast in the microwave and off you go. Or, I take mine to work with me and eat it on my break. Enjoy!

File Oct 16, 10 14 47 AM


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