Birthday’s For 13 Year Old Girls

When you have children, there are certian birthdays that are “big” birthdays in our family. Thirteen is one of those so for Kealee, we did a scavenger hunt (by car, and yes they had drivers) and a sushi making class. At this age the girls all want to fit in and have fun.

File Mar 10, 2 55 28 PM

Amy. my daughter bought a few things to do the table scape and I had a few things. The table scape turned out beautiful.


The scavenger hunt clues were sent by text to each team. I am not sure what they all were but I know one was, take a picture with a farm animal. With technology today you can do so much more than when my kids were young. This party was for my granddaughter.

Then home to make sushi:

File Mar 10, 2 56 17 PM

The girls seemed to enjoy the task of rolling sushi. I was sorta surprised that they di so well and were not very messy.File Mar 10, 2 59 17 PM

In the end Kealee was very happy with her birthday party. The girls all stayed the night! Crazy. I know, twelve girls to sleep over! They were all great and so well behaved. I went to bed and didn’t even know they were upstairs.

File Mar 10, 3 03 18 PM

Happy 13th Kealee!


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