Christmas Garlands

With the season upon us I have a lot of work to do. This year we have a new house that has more windows than the last house and we have an upstairs. So, needless to say, I better get busy! My first project was to get the bows done for the wreaths that go on each window. I made approximately 10 bows a day for 3 days. Splitting the time like that made it not so overwhelming that I had to make 30 bows. After the bows were done and the wreaths were fluffed, up they went on the

I still have to place the candles in the windows with timers but the wreaths are up.

On to the banisters on the stairway.

I thought I might try and buy something already made to put on the banisters but boy was that a bit expensive! It would have cost $140.00 to get pre made. And, mind you, my banisters are small. In the heat of the moment, with a three year old in my cart eating his lunch, I decided to make my own! Crazy, yes!

I found a few items that had sparkle to them which jump started my hunt.

Using one stand of the plan green garland and adding a different type of greenery for texture, my rails were beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Photo Nov 29, 2 40 10 PM.jpg

To this greenery, I just started layering the sparkle that I had purchased. With this being on the stairway and 4 kids living here, I bought plastic everything! I wired these balls and the gift box together hoping to add volume to the space.


I added other items like the snowflake to take up space too. To add another dimension the tear drops were place in and the curly gold item.


In the end, my cost was $69.00 and I had a lot of fun along the way.

You can do this too! The savings is at least 50% and It is totally what I like not something I had to settle for.


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