Sushi is something that I was told was too hard to  make with the kids. Well, I am one of those who will try most anything, so, of course, we made sushi.

It was actual very easy. My grandson made his own sushi and he is eight. I did show them a video on youtube so they had some idea of what we were doing. This helped them with the big picture.

I went to the Super G International Market and bought seaweed paper, sushi rice, rice vinegar and the bamboo mats to roll the sushi in. Then bought avocados, english cucumbers and imitation crab.

First, I put the bamboo mat in a gallon ziplock bag so it stayed clean. Some people use plastic wrap but with kids a ziplock worked for me. I had the food all set up at each of their work stations. I cooked the sushi rice as directed on package and sliced up the avocado and cucumber. I also sliced the crab into two pieces.

At first. we made the sushi with the seaweed on the outside.



Next, we put the rice on the seaweed. It took more rice than I thought it would. We actually had to make rice twice.IMG_4403

In the set up I put a bowl per child of water so their hands could stay wet. This way the rice did not stick to them and lay on the seaweed better. After covering the seaweed with rice add the crab, avocado and cucumber and roll. When rolling you have to remember you cannot roll the bamboo sheet up in your sushi. Stop and move the bamboo over and continue to shape your roll.

After making sushi with the seaweed on the outside Amy, Kealee and I tried it with the rice on the outside. It was just as easy.


Sushi making was much easier than I thought it would be. The kids made and ate their sushi which was my goal! I love teaching them that things are not as hard as you may think and a lot of fun!


So, if you want to make sushi, thsi is what you need:


1 English cucumber (cut the seeds out and slice thin)

3 Avocados (slice thin)

3 packs of imation crab ( slice once long way)

20-30 seaweed wrappers

sushi rice (start with making 3 cups)

1/2 cup rice wine vinegar (pour on rice after cooking and mix well without smashing)

soy sauce (for dipping)

wasabi ( for heat in your soy sauce) mix well

sesame seads to sprinkle over sushi

This made many rolls. I didn’t keep up with how many but we fed 12 people. Enjoy!



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