Woodsy Baby Shower

Our youngest daughter, Amanda, is having baby Grayson in July so a baby shower was due. When I do a baby shower, I try and pay attention to the mom’s ideas and plans for the babys room to get ideas for the shower. In doing this, if I make something or buy something for the shower it can be repurposed in the babys room.

Amandas vision for the room was arrows, “be brave little one”, bears, and adventure. Her color choices are blue, gray, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. She may have had a few others that I am forgeting about but you get the idea.

I have a friend who just had a “Woodsy Baby Shower” and loaned me a few great items that really made the shower.

To start with I made a banner. I was having a hard time trying to do an arrow banner. Arrows are hard to make big enough to stand out. I came up with the idea to turn the banner flag upside down and make a teepee banner.

Then I wrapped water bottles and mason jars with fabric and ribbon.

My thoughts then turned to a photo booth. I asked my grandson, Caleb to get me a stick from the woods. He brought me a perfect stick that I could tie fabric strips to. I ordered some props and we had it…a photo booth.


Even Grandma Dot got in on the photo booth. She is 94 years old by the way.


I knew the tables were going to take some thought. I have the items that I borrowed but I had to figure out how to use them. Do I place food on them, framed photos, candles? I was puzzled.


I added gray moss, green moss, candles and succulents. No food, no photos. It worked out great.

Then there is the food:

Some of the food was still in the oven when these were taken. Like the ham sliders and stuffed mushrooms. But the food worked out wonderfully!

I realized I didn’t have a corsage so I pulled together some of the things I already had and came up with this. My daughter, Amy, with perfect handwritting wrote: Grayson Mommy on the arrow and all the signs we had.


For a party favor I purchased these from Etsy.com. They are a soy based candle that are personalized to us. I put them in a basket with burlap and a sign that said: Please Take One.


The shower was awesome and went off without a glitch. I hope my pictures inspire you. Pintrest inspires me with all the great ideas on there that you can make your own.

Thank you my friend Teresa for the loaners. They really made the shower beautiful!

Here are some more pictures to enjoy and get ideas from.


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