What A Busy Week

We have moved into our new home! I am so excited but also, so tired. It has been a busy week for me. When I planned out our move, it was perfect. All the details were in place and the move was going to go smooth and easy. Well, the Lord had other plans. Not that our move was not smooth. We had so much help from friends and family to make it happen.

But learing in the background were several unexpected things. None of the things that happened were anyone’s fault. It is just life and how it plays out sometimes. I don’t want to make myself out like a hero either. It is only by much prayer and God’s grace that I made it through and kept it together. I called it the week from HELL! My week from hell probably looks different than yours. I have had a few of these times in my life and I am always so thankful (after).

When we are pressed to our limits and feel like we are loosing it all you have to lean into God! He is always there. It’s really not about the crisis or the pressure, it’s about trusting Him.  I always want others to see Christ in me and my decisions. I am not perfect and it doesn’t always work out perfectly well but I try.  Bad/Hard things do happen to good people.

We got moved, I had my 4 grandchildren here, Jason, my son-in-law had surgery, I worked for our office manager to go out of town, and Amy and Jason moved in! This all happened in a week. We are all alive and well. Here are a few pictures to prove it.

The Lord is good and it was good for me to be stretched last week because it made me call on HIM!


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