The Finish Line Is In Sight

It has been a loooong wait for me to the finish! Really not that long in the grand scheme of things but eight months in an apartment with a 82 pound dog is enough for me. Think of being in a hotel room with a big dog. That is what it is like! He is always in my business, under my feet and eating things he shouldn’t. This past week he ate a stick of butter that I was going to use in cookies and then he ate my cookies! Yes, all but eight out of four dozen that I had made for a beach trip! I am ready for some room!


There have been many, many decissions made to get to this point. I have done my best to pick what I like and according to style. I have to admit I have listened to two opinions that I wish I had not, but, oh well. Things are in place and no one would even know the two things I wish I could change.

Our builder, David Flanders with Builders MD is awesome and has been so helpful during this whole process. He is an awesome builder with honesty and integrity. If you ever build, he comes HIGHLY recommended.

This is our Kitchen/Breakfast Area/Keeping Room:


Our Dining Room:




They are 91% done at this point and I can’t wait to show you the rest!


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