Have You Heard Of A “Sip N See”

This whole “sip n see” was new to me but when baby Finlee was born it was a perfect opportunity. This is my definition of the word: the “sip” means, a nice cup of coffee or a spiked drink. The “see” mean, you get to see the new baby. So, of course, it takes place after the baby is born. Basically, it is a baby shower after the baby is born and is usually done on the second, third, fourth and so child. The first baby shower is usually big and the new parents need everything. A “sip n see” is smaller because the parents already have a lot of the big stuff like strollers, crib, carseats etc. .

We did a book theme “sip n see” for Finlee Ann. We saw the idea on Pinterest first. Then I googled kids books about food.This is what we came up with:

We gave party favors of sour gummy worms that we call “book worms” and had a book mark made with Finlee’s birthday, weight, etc.




For the flowers, I made the arrangements out of diapers, colored tissue paper, ribbon and tulle. I used colored Mason jars, wooden dowels and hot glue to put the together.

They looked beautiiful on the tables! We also did a banner for the fire place made from strips of fabric that I cut and tied on to a piece of twine.


The “Sip n See ” was a hit! Thank you Pinterest for the idea. With a little work and creativity it all came together! Welcome to our seventh grandchild Finlee Ann!




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