Our House

Some of you have asked for an update on the house. It has come along way but still has a long way to go.

After the 11 days of rain we had in September the footings and foundation were done. I must say it has felt extremely rainy this year.


Then came the framing which also took 6 weeks due to rain.



Finally the windows and doors came! Now we can officially say that we are “dried in”.


Now is the time that it will seem to go slower than ever because the walls and roof are up and the rest of the stuff is inside small stuff like, HVAC, electrial, plumbing and etc.. All these things are important things to be done, but slow. There are now wires hanging down everywhere, exposed pipes and air vents being put in. But to me that means progress!

In our powder room we are using a wine barrel as a cabinet to house our sink. We bought the wine barrel months ago on line from a winery. When we were moving from our house to storage,  I told everyone to make sure the wine barrel was at the front of storage so it would be accessible when we needed it for the house. Well, I didn’t tell the right people that info because when we needed it, it was in the far back corner of the storage unit. It was a good thing that Jason, our son-in-law had a great memory and told us where it was. Otherwise, Mike would have had to empty the entire storage unit.

I can’t wait to show a picture of the sink! As I said before, our builder is awesome and a great craftsman.

Life goes on in the apartment life. Still small and with Christmas, getting smaller by the day. Our second bedroom is now being used as Santa’s warehouse! That room looks like I am a hoarder!

All of these things will be a small memory in about 4 month when we move in our new house. After all, it’s not only about the house, it’s about the journey that gets us there and the lessons learned along the way!

I am baking next week so check in for some holiday cookie recipes.

Oh yeah, and our tree this year is very small!




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