Vacation Happened

Our vacation has come and gone. It is amazing how long we look forward to vacation and then how quick it is over. We of course had a great time and our house was perfect for our family.

Fripp Island 2015 044 Fripp Island 2015 001

The beach was across the street and we had a pool in the back yard. The kids had there own rooms and a TV room downstairs. Not that they used the TV downstairs. We were all together most all of the time.

Fripp Island 2015 017Fripp Island 2015 025Fripp Island 2015 022059060Fripp Island 2015 016

I prepared a lot of food before we left and then made a lot of food there. Food really brings a family together and our table fit all of us so there was great conversations nightly! Jason & Amy smoked a pork butt and ribs on their night with homemade mac-n-cheese and collards, Kelly and Michael made curry chicken and Hunter and Amanda made flank steak sliders. It was all wonderful! And there was always help in the kitchen and on the grill.

Fripp Island 2015 037Fripp Island 2015 035066

We had deer in our yard daily. Caleb even had one eat from his hand.

Fripp Island 2015 034

We did our fun family things like Super G drink tastings and from the looks of things some didn’t taste that good:

Fripp Island 2015 039 Fripp Island 2015 040 Fripp Island 2015 041 Fripp Island 2015 042

We always do cheers with each wonderful drink. They are all worth a toast until you taste them.

I laughed so hard that my face was stuck in smile mode. Amanda thinks I need to take part in the drink tasting too.

This year we did a candy tasting too. Again, bought at Super G. It was not quite as dramitic as the drink tasting.

Fripp Island 2015 029 Fripp Island 2015 030 Fripp Island 2015 031 Fripp Island 2015 032 Fripp Island 2015 033

We did do a puzzle but I forgot to order the personalized puzzle due to moving. Bummer, but they understood.

Fripp Island 2015 004

And this year there was a “George” group. Elijah is 2 and loves Curious George.

Fripp Island 2015 005

There was a “Beach Fairy”  brought each kid a gift every night. I think the older kids are catching on.

The beach was beautiful and we didn’t see one shark!

Fripp Island 2015 046Fripp Island 2015 047088120102081076

These guys are all worth the hard work and many laughs that happen while we are there. I hope they always remember our fun family trips and continue great family fun for their children. It is always my prayer that my children are better parents than I was and their children better than them. We have to change the world’s idea of family back to the old fashin family one generation at a time. Friends come and go but family last forever.

.Fripp Island 2015 002


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