The Adventure Has Begun

Last Friday, Mike and I moved from a home we built in 2002. When we built this home we thought we would stay there forever. Who would need anything else? At that time we had 3 adult children, one was married and had 2 children. Life was great!

Since that time we have grown from 8 people in our family to 14 people and still growing. For me, our kitchen was just too small to accommodate cooking for that many. Of course, I could have done it anyway but since the new loop around our city was coming in right behind our house it gave me leverage with Mike. I had been telling him I needed more space in the kitchen for a while. Mike would have stayed in our home forever. And let me just say it was a great house! So the next adventure in our life has begun.

On moving day I was answering questions about what goes where, climate controlled storage, conventional storage or the apartment? We had lots of great help from our big family and our friends. Yes, we moved ourselves with help from others. As I was watching everyone bring furniture out and placing it all over the yard and driveway it brought a tear to my cheek. We had so many memories in that house. So many people had come through those doors, so many parties and dinners had taken place there. It had served us well. At that point, I had to remind myself that home is where we are and not a building or house. I am really excited to have the next house built but when you are in that “homeless” place it all gets a little emotional. We are not homeless of course. We have an apartment. But we went from this:


To this:


We chose an apartment because we did not want to sign a year lease for a house. And if I can live in a tent at the beach for a week, I can live in a apartment for 6-8 months. But again it is different.

Our little apartment is our home now because we are there. It was busy and fun having everyone there to help. These are the beginnings of our new memories because “home” is where we are!

020 022

We have lived in our new apartment for one week now. Our family has been over and we have had some spend the night, dinners have been made and we are making memories!

The first thing I made at the new apartment was….(drum roll please)…..COOKIES! Cookies always make everything good.

I like the apartment life for now. I actually feel like I am on vacation!

The moral of the story….. Home is where your family is. It doesn’t matter if it is a tent, apartment or house.


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