Summer has started off with a bang! Weddings, beach trips, more weddings, pool days, grandchildren, family and more weddings! We have attended eight weddings this spring/summer and enjoyed every minute of them. I love spring/summer so much because it brings people out of there home into the warm, bright sunshine where we can all interact with each other. The picture below was a tent camping beach trip with friends and family. And yes, I said tent camping. It was a blast!


This type of vacationing together came with no TV’s!  It makes everyone depend on each other for entertainment and socializing. Making dinner was also a very social time. Things went slow and conversations were had.

I love the great outdoors! If you plan well and have friends and family, you are set!

Mike and I are getting ready to start a new adventure. We are going to build a new house (and, no, it’s not a tent). We invite you to come on this journey with us. I am sure there will be ups, downs and dollar signs daily. We have sold our present home and our first adventure starts with living in a 1000 sq. ft. apartment with 37 years of stuff. I have started the packing process which will continue for days.

The first thing I did was pack my kitchen up with all the items to go to storage. I left all the things to take to the apartment in the cabinets for now. I have basically done this in every room. Mike, my husband had the idea to label large items that go to the apartment instead of labeling both apartment and storage. He is a time saver and loves to be efficient with his time so I am trying it. I would rather label everything so there would be no questions.

I label every box for storage or apartment, fragile, and all the contents. I then label the storage boxes with a room for the next move. Like living room, keeping room, garage, etc. . I hope this helps with questions on the next move that will take place in 6-8 months.

Some of you may think we are crazy for doing all this work and moving twice within a year. For us it is wonderful! We love to build our house just as we like it and I love that no one else has ever bathed or showered in my bathroom.

To be continued…….



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