Adyson’s First Birthday Party

It almost seems impossible that it has been a year since our sweet Ady was born. Time flies by these days! But, never the less, she is one!

Amanda wanted to have her first birthday at their house and this meant we had some decorating to do. As most know, I am not the paper streamers kind of gal. I had tons of fun doing this project for such a sweetie!

First, Amanda and I went to the fabric store and pick fabric. Then, I made the table runner and place mats.

new iphone 448new iphone 456

For the table runner you just take a piece of fabric and fold it over inside outward, sew it together except for one space small enough for your hand to get into. After sewing it, turn it inside out and iron. Then fold the little hole that your hand went in and sew it closed. To save fabric on the place mats I folded the ends in twice and sewed around the edges. EASY! And adds lots of color. Adyson can reuse the place mats on her little table.

new iphone 457new iphone 459

Now on to the next item. To decorate the high chair.

Measured the length across the high chair I needed and started cutting stripes and stripes of fabric that I tied on twine.

new iphone 494

I decided on a pattern and kept it in eyes view the entire time:

new iphone 497

new iphone 496new iphone 498

The finished product:

Ady's Birthday! 006

The little letters were purchased at Michael’s for .59 cents and glued to a piece of twine that we attached to the hooks we used to hang the fabric. I also used a glue gun in some areas to secure it to the chair.

The mantel is the same process as the highchair. Measure the length of the mantle and added fabric.

Ady's Birthday! 010 Ady's Birthday! 011

The letters again were added on twine. We used hooks the 3M hooks to hang the entire thing on.

For flowers we went to the Fresh Market and bought tulips in the same color scheme as the fabric. I had vases on hand that someone gave me years ago that I had never used which worked out beautifully with our color scheme

The book is a book Amanda had made of our family and friends. Everyone signed it with a blessing for Adyson.

Ady's Birthday! 007Ady's Birthday! 012Ady's Birthday! 035

Amanda made the banner in the back on the window. It is hard to see due to the lighting but it says, Happy Birthday Adyson.

Ady's Birthday! 016

Some of these colored flowers below were from Ady’s baby shower. Amanda added the balls and color to the pile. Something old, something new!

Ady's Birthday! 019

The cake was ordered Adyson’s from Delicious and a free smash cake came with it. Decorated like her big cake of course. We took fabric to Delicious and they matched the cake to the swatches. Great job Delicious!

Ady's Birthday! 038Ady's Birthday! 044

Amanda also made this great board behind them! Below it she has pictures of Adysons first year. I wish I had a better picture of the board because it is amazing!

Ady's Birthday! 027

And of course, Great Grandma Dot was there!

Ady's Birthday! 048

Here comes the cake…..

Ady's Birthday! 051Ady's Birthday! 056Ady's Birthday! 061

To end the party Amanda gave rock candy for party favors.

Ady's Birthday! 009

Which Adyson LOVED

Ady's Birthday! 069

Happy Birthday Ady girl! Nana loves you!


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