The Burlap Wreath…Let’s give it a try!

The look of the Burlap Wreath on a front door is very pretty, chic, modern but also traditional. I am more traditional and my daughters are more cottage but the wreath works for all of us.

I think making it was more difficult than I thought it was going to be but once you have the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

What you will need:

A 18 inch wire circle (Michael’s Craft Store)

A letter (optional)

30 feet of burlap ( more or less, depending on fullness)

1 pack of pipe cleaners

Wired ribbon for a bow

Wire cutters for cutting pipe cleaners


The pipe cleaners that are the same color as your burlap work best because they do not show. I also cut the pipe cleaner into 4 pieces.


To get started you need to weave the burlap through your metal frame and attach the burlap. Pull your loops as big or small as you would like them. Attaching the burlap to the frame along the way with the pipe cleaners.


When you get a few loops on push them together to make your wreath look full.


Continue the same thing until you have completed your wreath. Attaching the burlap to the frame by weaving the pipe cleaner through the burlap.



Choose your bow style and make bow. You can glue it on but if you use pipe cleaners you can change your bow and use your wreath for different seasons.


And then add your letter (optional). We added twine by using a glue gun to the back of the letter and attached it to the frame. You could glue your letter on. You can also put your bow and letters in different places. We just chose the top and middle.


The finished product:

030 029


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