Fall Decorating

Yesterday, at our house we had a spontaneous pumpkin painting party! Amy, Amanda, Kealee and Joy came over to paint pumpkins. We had all bought our pumpkins the previous week and I always have paint so it was a perfect day for the job.

059 063

Amanda and Amy have great handwriting and they are both perfectionist. I used to be a perfectionist but now I have lighten up a little in that area. I did free hand.


All you need to do this project is :


wire ribbon



glue gun

You can write your words with a pencil and fill in the letters with paint or free hand you pumpkin. Next, take the wire ribbon and wrap it on your finger or around a pencil about 6 or so times. Remove it from your pencil and pull it apart. Glue the ribbon to the top of the pumpkin.


Amy used ribbon without wire. It looks beautiful too! I like that she used orange and white pumpkins.


Amy used tape and free handed a design on one of her pumpkins. Looks beautiful!


This is Amy’s front porch:


Amanda did a great job on her pumpkins too! This is Amanda’s style on her front porch:


And here are mine:



We all have our own style but it all works together! It was a fun morning having the girls here doing our projects together. We all have different styles but they all look great!

While they were here I did my inside decorating too. I used the same stuff that I had last year but it looks a little different. I try not to use too many “Halloween” type things on my tables and mantel so it lasts through Thanksgiving. Here are a few pictures.

Dining Room Table:

051 053

Kitchen Table:

071 074

When decorating tables and mantels, remember, it is all about layering. Keep adding layers until your happy. Always add height to your decorations. You can hid books, use wood pieces, cake plates etc. . Just add height.


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