Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day upon us I had to write something about it because it is such an honored day. As a mother of three, I have always worked very hard and done most things myself. “Back in the day” when my kids were small, most husbands worked and more moms took care of the kids. Those days (at the time) seemed long and forever hard but now that I have grandchildren and those days seem too short and missed. I always say that when I get to heaven I am going to ask God why our children came with no instruction manual and why after we kinda figure it out …they are grown?

Our three children were all pretty good kids who made good grades, played sports and loved to help others. We never had to pay lawyers and no one ever served jail time. (Thank you Jesus). I did spend a lot of time with them being their mother and their friend. I tried as best as I could to respect them and teach them to respect others and things. They have grown up to be fine adults. Two teachers and a fireman.

At that time in life we did not have money and could not enjoy the things that most people could. But life was still good because I made life fun. You don’t have to have a lot of money to make your kids successful or to make them have fun. You just have to be willing to try some different creative ways to have fun and make them believe it is the greatest thing ever! Like, have dinner on the trampoline (that someone gave us). Crazy…yes! But memorable…just ask them. Make brownies for a neighbor just because, do something for someone else.  If you can’t afford a nice vacation, take your family camping. Our kids loved it!!! It is not about the money, it’s about the time. Be creative! Think like a kid. If your not creative “Google” it. Buy a book. Do something and start enjoying you family! They really do grow up too fast.

I am only a mother because of my children, so today and everyday I want to thank my children for making me a mother. Without them I would not be able to celebrate this holiday! They have taught me to love deeper than I ever knew possible and to give to the end.

I would not be the person I am today without them. Thank you for all the love, good times, late nights, lack of sleep, “shows”, handmade Mother’s Day cards, chats at dinner, soccer games, football games, baseball games and basketball games (I miss them all now). You three make me proud to say I am your mother! All of the days that seemed long and were forever hard are now missed and you all have grown into such wonderful, kind and giving adults. I love you Amy, Michael and Amanda! I thank God he let me be your mother!

This is a old picture of our family which needs to be updated because we have 2 new members.



The newer members:



Now that our children are grown and we have grandchildren, we still all take a vacation together once a year in the same beach house and I try and have family dinners at least once a month. It can be tough to get together with all the crazy schedules but we all work at it to make it happen. We want the next generation to know the love and “tightness” of family!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers. Remember your time with your family is short and live each day as it was your last. Teach your children to grow up and love people, be generous, and help others! 



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