Baby Shower Idea’s

Last Saturday we had a baby shower for our youngest daughter who is expecting her first baby. It was a lot of planning and work but it was all worth the out come! 


There were so many things that were made for this shower that I will have to divide it up into a few post but if you see anything you want info on before I post it leave a comment or shoot me an email.

It took me a bit to figure out what to do but once I had that idea it was on! Busy, busy, busy! Every spare minute was spent on shower stuff.

Let’s start with the table cloths:

1 King size pink sheet (size depends on your table)

20 yards of pink tulle

2 rolls of ribbon

strips of fabric 

handmade flowers

sewing machine (optional)

glue gun

Wash and iron the sheet.


Get your sewing machine out or glue gun. I choose to sew the tulle together. I just pleated it and sewed away:


Place the sheet on the table and pin the tulle to the sheet:


Then the ribbon:


I went right over the pins that held the tulle with the ribbon.

Next the handmade flowers and strips of fabric. Cut skinny and wide strips for this and make them uneven. I bought 2 yards of 3 different fabrics from the colors from the baby’s nursery and used them over and over.

After you are sure that you like the placement get your glue gun warmed up and glue away. Don’t forget to remove your pins after the glue dries.


I placed my strips under the ribbon but it really doesn’t matter because it doesn’t show.

Next the flowers:


These are made with twisted fabric, ribbon and button covers. I did leave a few pins in on the corners to help hold the flowers but I also glued them on.


Lastly, I made a table runner with gray chevron fabric. It took 2 yards per table but you would have to measure your table to decide how much fabric you would need.




Items needed:

1 yard tulle



sewing machine

Fold the tulle to be the length you want and pin


Next, sew and remove pins.


Add ribbon.


Cut tulle open at the bottom and you have a tutu.


We used clothes pins and twine to hang and added fabric strips and flowers to the ends.

More to come later.











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