Baby Girl Headbands

This is another little tidbit of a baby shower idea. We can’t do this at our shower due to having so many people but for a smaller shower, this would be awesome! I have made a few baby headbands lately and they are extremely easy!

Items Needed:

Stretchy Ribbon


Glue Gun

Sewing Machine


This is the stretchy ribbon:


I measured 12 inches for newborns and then used the sewing machine to connect it. You can also buy the headband already made at Wal-Mart or Target.

I then made flowers from fabric that I twisted and glued and button covers that you can get at fabric stores:


Then added to the headband with glue:


For a girl baby shower you could have a station with all the items above. Make all the flowers and sew together the headband ribbon ahead of time. Place the glue gun, scissors, buttons and what ever else you choose in a area for whoever wants to can make a headband. Check this out for a cute set up that I found on Pinterest:

Tired of the typical baby shower game?

Tired of the typical baby shower game? » Lb Boutique Blog

It is a cute and easy project and will last past the baby shower. 

More to come later………..





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