Tutu’s and Baby Showers

This week I will be having a baby shower for our youngest daughter at my house. Our new grand child will be a girl so of course I have to do something really girly. I can’t share everything but I wanted to give a little preview of the shower.

One of my decorating ideas is the diaper cake. Not that I came up with the idea, I just copied someone else and made it my own. I couldn’t find direction or instructions on how this is done so I hope this helps you if you decide to make a tutu flower cake.

This was my inspiration from Pinterest:

Diaper cake Baby Girl Shower - I love the headbands on this cake and the tutu can be reused!

I like the simplicity and the light colors but the fake flowers are just not my thing. So that is where I made it my own.

I took strips of fabric and twisted them to make flowers. You twist and twist and the roll it in a circle using a glue gun along the way on the back. Do a little at a time until it is the size you like. I like to make different sizes.


I also used buttons that I covered with fabric.

For the back drop of the flower I took 6 pieces of tulle cut about 8 inches long and folded them like a fan.  I bought this tulle at Hobby Lobby. Wrapped wire around it as if I was making a pom pom.



Then you just pull the pieces apart to make a flower/pom pom. I cut the edges to make it round.


Add the flower to tulle with a glue gun and you have completed your flower. With this diaper cake I made 3 flowers. I like to decorate in odd numbers.


Now to make the diaper cake:

Cut a lot of strips of tulle 22 inches long. I used a little hot pink tulle to make it pop!

Cut a 10-12 inch piece of stretchy headband ribbon. (You can find this with the ribbon at most craft stores. It is a stretchy ribbon with holes in it). Sew the headband fabric together and wrap 10-12 diapers with it. You can make you band bigger if you want a bigger diaper cake. Of course the top layer of the cake has less diapers.


The smaller diaper layer has a headband around it that I made a flower out of ribbon and a button that I covered with matching fabric. This layer was made small so Ady can really use the headband. You can buy button cover sets at most craft stores that sell fabric.

I put the flowers I had made earlier on top by pushing the wire into the diapers. I also added tulle on the inside under the flowers to hide the wire. You could use white pipe cleaners to skip this step but I didn’t have any.

Now to put it all together…….my final product:


I really dont know why it looks like my diaper cake is glowing…I just took a picture with my IPhone.

If you are giving a girl baby shower and need ideas…check back next week for a lot more!

More to come next week!


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