These Cold Winter Days

The days here in the south have been very cold! Most people are staying inside to keep warm. It makes me want to go to the islands where there is clear blue waters and warm sunny breezes! But instead I am working on redecorating my bedroom. With this project I have tried to incorporate some (island) blue in my room. I am not 100% done but I wanted to share what I have so far.

This is a before picture:


I also was trying not to repaint my room since the paint is in perfect condition.

Here is a picture of the same chair but recovered.


Do you notice that I took a very tradition chair and made it modern with fabric and removing the skirt. I think it is beautiful!

I had never made curtains for this room because I was afraid it would darken the room. Well, it didn’t!!! It made the room look grand and finished.





The curtains are hung as close to the ceiling as we could get them so your eye will be drawn to the height of the panel and the room will seem bigger and taller. I am not finished by far. I have pictures to replace, lamps and picture frames. The towels and rugs in the bathroom etc.

I actually have one lamp with the plastic still on the shade because I am not sure if I like it for 50 bucks or not.


I buy things and bring them home to decide if I like them or not. I leave the all tags on until I decide. If I love it I keep it, if not I return it. Still undecided on this one.

So far I have bought new bedding, made panels and had a chair recovered. All for about $500.00. You could do this for less if you found fabric that you like for less.I am not buying new furniture due to budget but the changes make a big difference for me. You can also buy panels cheaper than you can make them but it will not have the “custom” look. I am making pillows this week and switching out some of the small things. I hope to buy new art work for above the bed too.  I will post finished pictures when completed.

If you would like some warm homemade soup to sooth the soul during these cold days, check out this recipe:

I have made it twice this winter and it is great with homemade bread:

I hope this helps warm your soul!!



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