Amanda and Hunter’s Cute Baby Announcement

We have been so blessed as a family this year! Our little Elijah was born in September and he is as cute as a button! And we have another grand baby coming in April!!! We are so excited and blessed!!

Our daughter Amanda wanted to send an announcement to our family and friends to let them know that she is expecting. She is so creative I thought you may enjoy her idea. She wanted something cute but not too expensive to make and something that was not too time consuming. 

First we went to Michael’s craft store and picked up a few things:

Paper that was 4×6


Some “abc” letters and numbers… 


She chose a plain paper and polka dot letters. We had some twine at here to use.

The size of your flag sign is up to you but Amanda cut her paper in half due to the size of her letters and the length of the whole sign. Then she cut the angles on the edges. It is best to make one flag and use it as a template for the others so they are all the same size.  We used a hot glue gun to attach the letters.

She wanted to hold her sign so you can’t make it too long. Her colors were sage,gray blue and pale yellow.



And then we have it…..


Now she just has to get a picture of her and Hunter together. Here were a few pictures they didn’t choose.




Here is the announcement:





We are so excited and happy to be adding another gift from God to our family. Mike and I were just two and now we have grown into 13.5! God is good!!!!


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