It’s Been A Little Busy

This week has been a whirlwind! Our son and his wife had baby Elijah and I have spent quite a bit of time at the hospital. When you arrive at the hospital to be with your family during such a sweet time all other things in life disappear that seemed to be on your mind upon arrival. For me it is almost like “leave it at the door” but there is no sign that says that or intent in my mind. But somehow you do leave it all at the door.

It also seems as if there are no clocks and that time slips away so fast and it is time to sleep again. I forget what day it is and it doesn’t even matter. It is amazing how much joy a new little life can give. 

To sit and look into the new little ones face brings many questions… what will he grow up and be like, will he play football, will he swim, will he be musical, what will his job be? And it is our job to help form him and raise him up to be the best Godly man he can be.

It is a good thing that God is in control and it is not all our job! God knows what Elijah will grow up to be…we just have to do our part and help direct him and molded him into the best that he can be!

Congratulations Michael and Kellie! The fun is has just started and it will last a lifetime!



~the days seem long and hard but enjoy them because the years are short~


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