How To Make A Simple Pillow

Man oh man have I been busy!!! Our daughter came to visit last week and  we had a great time together but with all the business I didn’t blog anything. 

I did however make a pillow on Thursday out of some new fabric I just bought at Printers Alley. I want to re-do one of my bedrooms in a bring but new color for me. I have mostly golds and greens in my house and I am getting ready to add some blue.

Items needed:

  • Sewing machine
  • fabric ( I needed 1 and 1/2 yards for a 20×20 pillow)
  • thread
  • piping (optional)
  • sisccors
  • pins
  • measuring tape or stick

I first had to decide how big my pillow was going to be. I choose 20×20 with piping.

Cut one piece of fabric in a 20×20 square.

Then cut the back of the pillow out. To have enough fabric to make the envelope style pillow I add 10 inches of fabric to my back piece. So the back piece is 20×30. Watch for your pattern fabric and make sure you cut it the same as the front.

I then take the 20×30 piece and fold it in half as close to perfect as I can. The cut it in half. Now you should have two 20×15 pieces. I always put a pin on the edge that I cut  so I know where to sew next.


Now that the fabric is cut you need to decide if you want piping. I did add piping to this pillow. Take the 20×20 piece and sew the piping on. Place the fabric color side up and the piping raw side out. See below:


Never start sewing on a corner and when you start to put your piping on leave a little extra hanging off so when you join the two pieces it will be almost invisible. See below:



Sew as close to the line on the piping as possible.



When going around the corners it will help to cut the piping a little so it will turn with your sewing:


This is what your pillow front should look like.


And now to the back of your pillow. Remember when I said to pin the side you cut…..well now sew a 1/8 inch hem in that piece on that side. I don’t usually pin that….I just eyeball it.  Do both pieces the same.

Next, take your measuring tape and on the same side fold over to make a 2 inch hem. I do pin this hem and iron it down. The ironing is optional. 

Then head back to the sewing machine and sew the 2 inch hem.

The last thing to do is pin your fabric together to make a pillow. Put the raw edge on the outside. The two pieces of fabric will cross over each other.  


Make sure you pin color on color and that the patterns are the correct way. Go back to the machine to sew it together. I always go back over the area where the pillow cover opens to make sure it is extra strong there.


Make sure to push your corners out good when you inside out the fabric.


This is the back:


And now you have a pillow cover. I had a 20×20 pillow insert that I had a purchased at the fabric store and it fit perfectly!


Next I will make panels for this room and maybe a bedspread. I will do before and after pics so you can see how easy it is to change a room! Please leave a comment or question if you need help with this project.


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