Kellie’s Baby Shower

We are so excited because in September our son and daughter-in-law are expecting a baby boy! This will the birth of our fifth grandchild. So of course there has to be a baby shower!!!


Kellie’s theme for Elijah’s room is Nantucket so that is what I went with for the shower. I made the streamers out of felt so she could use them in his room if she wanted. I cut a million small circles from felt. 003

I then sewed them together and made a streamer.006

I added streamers to the windows and the mantel. The flags with his name were made the same way. I cut out triangle and sewed them together. Amy, my daughter, added his name with scrap-book paper.


I also made paper flowers. The instructions are on the blog already.

I had ordered fabric to make table cloths. I have two tables and I thought it would be less expensive to make them. Well, the fabric never came….  😦 . But it worked out even better! I had to get my creative brain moving and figure something out! I decided to go to Wal-Mart and look at their sheets. I knew I could get a sheet for $4.50 if they had the right colors. Yes, they had the right colors for me. I bought 2 navy and 2 green! I took them home with no idea of what to do with them but soon came up with this:


I ironed each sheet and cut one of the navy ones down the middle. I got my handy-dandy sewing machine out and made a table runner! The colors were perfect!

And of course we need flowers! I went to the Fresh Market and purchase my flowers. Came home and put them in water while I made up my arrangements. I also had purchased a boat load of limes to make the vases look cool. I sliced the limes so I could put them in the vase. I placed a cup in the middle of the square with florist foam in it.


Then I started adding flowers……I did need more greenery so I went out in the yard and collected greenery from my bushes.


My finished product:


We had an awesome friend come by just to hang out and it was a blessing that saved our day!


She helped cook and clean the entire morning!

Kellie picked all of the food and boy was it yummy! We had a ginger sweet potato soup garnished with honey roasted nuts, fruit kabob with a wonderful dip, prosciutto wrapped asparagus with phyllo dough, chocolate covered  strawberries, ham sliders, chicken salad and the list goes on……




The food was good and the company was even better! We did play a few shower games that were not too weird or that cause Kelly to be the center of attention. This was the game was to pull off the amount of twine that you think it takes to go around Kellie’s belly.


…….And Aunt Lisa won! Somehow she got it exactly right!


Another thing we did was ask  to fill out a card that was to baby Elijah. Amy found the template on Etsy and paid a small price to change the words and make it our own. We then printed it and had it available at the shower with pens.


We had party favors for young and old and these were for the young at heart. Blue nail polish because Elijah is a boy and the dry ingredients for Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!



Here are cousin’s having fun!!! Amanda looks like she is lecturing Kellie and Kellie is ignoring Amanda.


A few more fun shots!

060 055 056 070

All in all….a blast! Can’t wait to meet Elijah!! If you would like recipes, please just let me know on the comment bar.


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