Family Vacation 2013 / Part 2

Our vacation was a restful, fun family time together. We also celebrated Jason’s 40th birthday while we were there so he was greeted with this banner when he arose from his sleep:


We went to Pearl’s Oyster Bar in downtown Charleston to celebrate his big birthday. Jason and I were the only ones with sense (besides pregnant Kellie) and did not have a oyster shooter…..YUCK!


It was a fun evening that we all enjoyed. We did take it easy on him for his 40th. I did hear some rumors that a very dark green 4 0 was in his front yard when he returned home. That must have been some good fertilizer! Good job to who ever came up with that one!

We did a lot of sitting and looking at the view with our morning coffee:


A lot of paddle boarding:



I bought a journal and had it available for everyone to write their most fun memories in and I am still owed a few but it is a new tradition that we will do every year and have at each vacation. The grand kids love to tell stories about our vacations and now we will have them to cherish forever!  

Memories were made this past week at the Zimmerman/Smith/Brinkley vacation! 


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