Family Vacation 2013 / Part 1

Our family just returned from a weeks vacation where all 12.5 of us stayed in the same house! We went to Seabrook Island, SC which is a very family friendly, beautiful beach! We rented a house from VRBO and had a great view of the creeks and marsh with the ocean far in the background.


It all started with the loading of the Suburban! Only two people, 2 bikes inside and 2 outside, 1 set of golf clubs, 1 suitcase, lots of food, pots, pans, knives, 4 coolers and 1 paddle board. We looked like we were moving. We do carry the extra things that don’t fit in the Brinkley’s car. I make a lot of food before hand and we had four coolers full this year. We did take out the very back seat. Here is a view of the inside of the suburban:


I would load the car a little differently but my sweet husband does it so no complaints from me. He is so kind about me taking everything including pots and pans. He puts it all in the car and unloads it at the house then reloads to come home…what a man!  And with not one complaint.

I always try to make the beach trip so much fun for everyone. It is a lot of work for me but this is not my rest vacation, it is all for my family! One of our grandsons Caleb’s favorite thing is that I make a menu and hang it on the refrigerator. Such a simple task to make a little guy so happy.Amy and Jason made Shrimp Taco’s one night and Kellie made Curry Chicken one night and last but not least….Amanda and Hunter made Greek Pitas. Everyone has one night to cook dinner. Except me, I have several which I love!


At this beach house just as the others, it had a beach fairy! The beach fairy brings a gift for each child and leaves it on the steps every night! Not a wrapped gift, just a little gift like a bike light, matchbox cars, crafty things, books, art supplies etc. The kids wake up in the morning with excitement and get there gift. They always tell me that they know I am the Beach Fairy and I always reply ” I did not put any gifts on those stairs”. I can say this truthfully because I always recruit one of my adult children to do the job for me. It is a fun little thing that I hope they always remember.

We also do a few puzzles each year and this year I had a puzzle made of one of our family photos. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed putting themselves together. One the night we had Curry Chicken we also had a (kid friendly) drink tasting. I went to Super G and bought some of the strangest sounding drinks I could find. After dinner I passed out little juice glassed to everyone. I would go around the table and pour everyone a little bit and  we would “cheers” tap glasses and then gag! It was so funny. I could hardly breath from laughing. Hunter and Jason were the funniest:




This is 1 of 2 


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