Paper Flower’s

I have seen on paper flowers on Pinterest 100 times but have yet found the how-to instructions. So of  course I am going to figure out how it is done. My daughters and I are giving a baby shower in August and I wanted to make paper flowers for the event. I used to make Mexican flowers with my children all the time but the paper flowers are much prettier so off I go to buy colored paper! The theme of the shower is Nantucket for a boy. So to welcome our new grandson and nephew we want to be creative and have fun with this shower.

You will need: Colored tissue paper, clear string (fishing line), and sicciors


You can make the flower whatever size you want but I used 8 sheets of paper and cut the paper in half:


So now I have 16 pieces of tissue paper. I really think I could have done 6 large pieces which cut in half would have been 12. My flower is very full.

Then fold just like you did the Mexican flowers or a fan.


Next take your fishing line and cinch the paper together in the middle.


Then take your scissors and round the edges. I went deep for the flower pedal look.


I also rounded my edges:


And then pull apart papers gently. I pulled from front and back to have a well rounded flower.


And there you have it. Easy!!!



The paper flowers are one of the fun things I have already made. These could be made with your children and used as decorations for their rooms. Like several of them over their dresser. You can do whatever you want with paper flowers and they do not have to be watered! Happy flower making!!


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