Strawberry picking……not today!

Today our office staff was going strawberry picking. This was our second try at hitting the fields for some wonderful, sweet, red strawberries but the wet fields kept us out again. So we had to come up with a plan and fast for some office team building fun.  We put on our party thinking caps and headed up the attic stairs to see what we could find. Mike found fun hats and flower leis while I found a chalk board and corn hole. Our team is so awesome and we all switched gears from strawberry picking to corn hole. “The Brains” were the office staff…minus me. “The Muscles” were the carpet techs….minus Zach Brown.


Guess who won?


 Yes the muscles beat the brains!!!! But the brains did much better in our next game:


What a fun game! If you don’t have it….you need to buy it!

We had homemade chocolate chip cookies with coffee while we played my new found game.


Everyone was such a good sport and went with the plan for a great morning party! Rachel even played in a dress. She does have on shorts in this picture.


This all goes to say when you are handed lemons…..make lemonade or in our case a party.

Everyone left with one of these 5 inch sandwiches with everything on it for lunch!




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