Flower Planting Time

I finally planted flowers in the yard and in pots. I also have to plant flowers in pots that are in the front of our business so I have been busy planting. And lets just say the people who sell plants at the farmers market know my name. It is amazing how much money you can spend. I get so excited and buy a little of everything.  I don’t grow from seeds so you can see the dollar signs flying!

When buying plants make sure you check the tag to see if the plant needs all sun, part sun, how big it will get, how far apart to plant, etc.. Also, ask questions. People love to share their knowledge.

This was my first load. I don’t have very much shade in my yard so these all work for me.


I planet a lot in pots and I place them around my porch and front steps. I take out all the old dirt and refill pots to about three fourth’s full with fresh dirt. Then I place the plants in the container and fill in the rest of the way with dirt. I do water them with Miracle Grow once a week until it gets really hot and then I drop back to once every other week. The container plants have to be watered more often than the ones in the ground because they are container plants. If you don’t water them they have no roots in the ground to find water. I water at least every other day but everyday when it is hot.


After the pots I move on to the yard. When you first plant it looks like you don’t have enough but remember “they will grow”. I will post more pictures later of the growth.

This is a track that runs by our driveway and I planted purple petunia’s and watermelon colored verbena’s.


In the front I planted yellow lantana, purple petunia’s, red verbena, sweet potato plant and some foliage plants. I love the texture that the colors and foliage plants give. I can’t wait until they grow so I can show you the beauty after they are bigger.


When I plant in the ground I dig a hole put the plant in and cover with dirt. Easy! I do not claim to be a master gardener but my plants do grow and look beautiful. If I can do this…so can you!!

Here are a few pictures of my pots and I can’t wait for them to grow to show you the difference:




I also picked the first fruits from my garden today. Lettuce:


I feel like I should build and alter and offer them back to God but instead we will just thank God at dinner when we eat them. We are so blessed to be able to plant and grow thing!!!


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