Sewing A “Simple” Pillow

Today I thought I would show you how to make a simple pillow. It has an envelope back and this pillow does not have piping or trim. I usually make my own piping and that will be another day.

For two 18 inch pillows you will need about 1 and 3/4 yards of fabric. If you are centering a flower or pattern you may need more. I did not center anything with these pillows and I used 1 and 1/2 yards of the leftover panel fabric. I was very precise in my measurements. I measured two 18 inch squares for the front and then two 18 inch by 28 inch pieces for the back. Make sure you figure out where you are cutting before you cut. I use a sharpie and draw on my fabric but you can use chalk or a fabric pen that washes off.


 Then the backs 18×28



If you have a pattern in your fabric make sure you cut your fabric to match the way the pattern on the front is going. 


After cutting your 18×28 piece of fabric fold it in half to where it is 18×14 and cut it in half. If you have a pattern make sure you put a pin in the fabric where you cut it.


Now that you have 2 pieces for the back of your pillow it is time to sew. First sew a “shirt tale” hem on each 18×14 inch piece. A “shirt tale” hem is a small 1/8 to 1/2 inch hem. I don’t even pin the fabric on this. Sew on the side where you cut .


Next you need to sew a 1.5 inch to a 2 inch hem. Using a ruler fold your fabric over 1.5 to  2 inches and pin. Now sew on your machine. 


I put a piece of tape on my machine to help me stay in a straight line or I line it up with the lines on my machine.


After sewing you need to get your 18 inch square for the front and pin the backs onto the front piece. Make sure the fabrics bright colors are facing each other. After pinning it should look like your pillow is inside out. At this point also make sure your pattern are right. 


The next step is to sew the pillow all the way around. Start sewing somewhere besides a corner. Never start in the corner. When you go over the areas where the pillow will open you may want to reinforce that area. And of course when sewing always use your reverse when beginning and ending.

And there you have it… a simply pillow. If you want to add pipping let me know by commenting and I will help you with that.

This is what the back will look like:


Just insert your pillow form and you are done. 


Please leave any questions you may have and I will help you through this process. Happy sewing!!!


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