Spring Has Sprung! (Is that a real word)

So with spring in the air and living in North Carolina I have planted my small garden. We live in an area that the HOA’s don’t allow gardens so I have to sorta hide mine. I have a small 4×8 area behind the house and Mike, my husband has made me another 4×10 area! I am so excited! I love to see things grow! I love to eat things that I grow and without all the chemicals that are sprayed on most veggies that we buy at the store.

I am not a true gardener and I really don’t know a lot about growing things. How hard can it be? I have had a small garden for 8 years and all I do is plant and water. If I can do it…you can do it!

Since I cook so much it is less expensive to grow my own herbs. I have planted basil, rosemary, dill, cilantro, mint, oregano and sage. The mint comes back every year and sometimes the rosemary.

I used Bonnie plants from Lowe’s.


I use so much basil and cilantro that I have a few of each.


Because we live in NC the dirt is mostly red clay so we add good dirt to the clay. Mike takes 1 2×10 and 1 2×8 to make my space. He cuts the 2×8 in half. He scraped all the grass off and then turned up the clay with a shovel. He only used a shovel and his muscles! What a man!


I planted strawberries, cukes, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and a few flowers in case the HOA doesn’t like the fact that I have a garden. It is in the back yard but just in case. Planting marigolds can also help as a natural pest controller. Some bugs, bunnies and deer do not like the aroma of the marigold.


I also planted cherry tomatoes, tomatoes and red peppers in my other garden space.


I do put Miracle Grow on the veggies when I plant them but only then. I then water about everyday for the first week. Depending on how hot it is outside. The next week I drop back to every other and then every third day. But if it is really hot I water as needed even if it is everyday.

My dad always grew tomatoes and as a child I thought that was so cool. So to impart that vision I have the grand kids help. This year it was Cohen. He planted and watered with me but mostly sprayed the bee’s with the water hose. He will be so excited to see tomatoes, strawberries, cukes and peppers. I will continue to have him help me water (and spray the bee’s). The older children have helped in the past when they we younger and still love to pick and eat right from the vine!

If I can grow things….so can you! Get inspired and plant something! You can even do a container garden. Just make sure you water the container well because it can dry out quicker. Plant 1 tomato plant and watch it grow!

Next week it will be the flower gardens that get planted. I love all the beautiful flowers and colors that God has given us.

Happy planting!!!!


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