Paint Colors & Panels!

Amy , my daughter has been trying to pick paint colors for her house for a while. She has about 15 different colors that are 1 foot by 1 foot painted everywhere. I have already made curtains for her kitchen that we are waiting on a paint color for. The curtains are packed up. I hope she still likes them when she chooses a color. We do tease her about it but she did pick a beautiful gray for her living room. She has also picked paint for her dining room so we are getting somewhere here. It is also a gray. I have to say she loves gray. She would have all gray if I didn’t remind her she needs some color in her life.

In the mean while she and I got to go pick fabric for panels in her dining room and living room. We bought the fabric for the dining room and today I started cutting fabric to make panels! I am SO EXCITED! I haven’t made anything in a while and I LOVE to sew. These tools minus the car are what I use to cut and measure fabric.


The fabric is beautiful!


I love the grays, blues and greens. It even has brown in it.


I will show you a finished product when I have completed the job.

I also need to focus some on my own bedroom. It has needed to be updated for a while and I am having a hard time picking colors/styles too. The reason is…I love color! Most things seem to be gray, blues, blah, blah! I like lime green, orange and bright colors. I found this color palate today and I think I may like it.



I just have to figure out how to put orange in the blues or use the orange, red and browns which I don’t like as much. I will figure it out. I have to make Amy’s curtains first and then I am going to get on my own! If you live in town and want to learn to make panels email me: Make sure you have your own sewing machine and fabric. I will be making a few sets.

Here is a peak of my bedroom now:


Really needs an update!

If you have a room that needs to be updated…lets do it together! Start thinking about it and lets pick colors, fabrics and make panels!


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