Pretty Flip Flops

Make those plain rubber flip flop into cuteness with just a little fabric. You know how you can dress things up with jewelry well this is how you can dress flip flops with fabric. You could use ribbon to.

Saturday is my granddaughter Kealee’s birthday party. We are having a “SPA PARTY”! My very creative daughter Amy came up with this idea to have facials, make up, mani-pedis and hair! So for the pedicure we made these cute flip-flops. This is what you need:


Fabric strips of 1 inch by 30 inches long per side on the flip flop and 1 – 1 inch by 30 inch for the for the flower. So 3 – 1×30 pieces of fabric per flip flop. A glue gun, scissors and flip flops.

Tie the first piece of fabric on the flip flop and glue stick after securing it to the flip flop.


And then start wrapping:


Repeat the same thing on the other side of the flip flop. And then the flower. You again tie the fabric to the flip flop in the middle and twist the fabric tight until it is pretty tight and then just start wrapping it in a circle and glue it as you go. I went back and glued it extra to make it more sturdy.


Then you are done and ready to start on the other flip flop.


You have to watch your fabrics or you could get 2 flip flops looking like they don’t match due to the pattern on the fabric.


These are made from the same fabric but look so different from each other.

I am sure with all the hair, make-up, facials and nail polish no one will even notice! So dress your rubber flip flops up for this summer. You could even make a pair per outfit!


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