Happy Hump Day!!!

The sun is shinning here and our high today is 59* so I am a happy girl! I love spring, summer and fall….not much of a winter person. I love spring because everything is coming alive again and it is new beginnings, I love summer because it causes families to spend more time together and outside in most cases. Don’t forget pool time and vacations! Fall is just vibrant with color and the cozy sweaters and outside fire pits!! As you can tell I do like to be outside. 

This week the kids and I have tried to make “rock candy”.

Our experiment has not grown as fast as we would like. Each kid picked a color and are hoping for candy soon. We took a jar and placed a kabob stick in it for the candy to grow on.


Then we boiled 2 cups of water and 4 cups of sugar. I only had 3 cups of white sugar so I used 1 cup of raw sugar. This could be why it is not growing so fast. I stirred until the sugar was melted and it was bubbling a lot. 


The we poured it into our cups/jars and added food color.


After a few days this is what we have. I am tempted to go buy rock candy and put it in their cups but that would not be honest.


After a week this is what we have:


I love to do experiments like this with them so we will let it continue to grow but it maybe spring before we get enough rock candy on the stick. Never do this project in the summer….it is an ants heaven. More pictures to come……..


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